Blanding af racer Flora Danica Blanding af racer Flora Danica Blanding af racer Flora Danica Blanding af racer Flora Danica Blanding af racer Flora Danica
DEN Kongelige Kennel Flora Danica
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DEN Kongelige Kennel Flora Danica

Kvinde, 62 år, Nordjylland
Oprettet: 1. jul 2009
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The FIRST, ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL KONGELIGE page on HundeGalleri. Jealously copied by many, but never, never equaled.

I do not support the supporters of the DKK.

In HG, The Moral Majority is neither.

The real inescutcheon of my shield is being on the front page of HG all day May 21, 2013.

I am an American, who lives in Danmark, and didn't have the best Danish education in Sprogskole. It was very discouraging to anyone with enthusiasm. I did learn though how to go to Turkey for extended periods of time and still collect welfare money. -Lots of stuff like that, in fact.

It is often even difficult to understand what is written here HG, as compared to newspapers or books. I have no children, so that doesn't help with Danish (that's HUGE), I do not work, (disabled)(collect no money from the government even IF I were to go to Turkey for months at a time), so that doesn't help with Danish, and English is all around me here, --ie internet, tv, osv. I can speak to people in Danish and many insist on answering in English, and that doesn't help and we speak English here at home as my husband prefers it. I like speaking with people who do not speak English so then I learn something. If people around here speak the local Jysk to each other though, it's Latin to me! English is my native tongue, not some language no one understands like Ukrainian or Chinese. They have to learn other languages if they are to be on the internet or go abroad. I'm also 'older' and more forgetful than I once was. I forget people, names, days, you name it. Is it Alzheimer's? Could be, too soon to tell. I hope not! But if it is, then I wouldn't know...
I could speak French fluently before moving here and now it's muddled with Danish.

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