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By Bruce Fogt Reprinted from the Working Border Collie Magazine
1) Leave the pup in the kennel at all times – This is the simplest and the most sure-fired method. The
beauty of this technique is that you can make even the best-bred pups absolutely useless by exerting
no effort at all.
2) Don’t teach your pup any commands – Even simple commands like “that’ll do” and “lie down” could
begin to open channels of communication. If you don’t want your dog to learn anything as an adult,
then you sure don’t want to make the mistake of teaching him something as a pup.
3) Let your dog run loose and work stock on his own – This teaches your dog to do what he wants, when
he wants, and how he wants. When done right, your dog will quit working one group of livestock and go
looking for others as soon as you try to catch him.
4) Use wild or aggressive stock to start your pup – For those of you who tossed your children over the
side of the boat to teach them to swim, this technique is for you!
5) Encourage your pup to split, chase, and hang onto the livestock – This is a very successful way of
creating a “Stockdog Terrorist”. After spending some time with ‘Ole Rip, those sheep will never view a
Border Collie the same way again.
6) Only correct your dog after he comes to you – Any dog starting to show potential can be successfully
de-railed if you’re consistent with this approach.
7) Always let your dog be the boss – You’ll be proud of him as he picks fights with other dogs and snaps
at small children.
Cool Train only in a small area or round pen with dog broke sheep – To prevent your young dog from
developing stock sense and balance, never work him in the open; just keep everything enclosed.
Otherwise his instincts to herd, instead of just running circles, may come to the surface.
9) Never allow the dog to move except on command – If a mechanical dog is your goal, try this one. Just
scold your dog and put him back in place every time he moves to stop escaping sheep.
10) Teach your dog to avoid corrections – Want to get even with your local stockdog trainer? Teach your
dog to avoid corrections by outmaneuvering you, before sending him off for training. Boy will they earn
their money!!

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