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til alle der kan engelsk.. {{forumTopicSubject}}

skal skrive en historie til imrgen og har bestemt mig for at den skal være om bullterrier, så den er jo engelsk:

The bullterrier!
Kapital 1.

Once upon a time.. ohm.. well… its about my favourite fantasy dream dog.. Nemo..!
There was a bullterrier call Nemo..
He was white all over it all with a brown spot around the ear. He loved to hunt the gooses at the grass while they was eating.
He got walked every day at the morning, evening, afternoon.
He got a whole bed to sleep in with his owner, and a pot of dog food. He was going to help the owner with some sheep every day and he practised long time and could all the commandoes.
The owners children played with Nemo, stick freebees,
Ball, agility, and all thing there was fun for Nemo.
The children’s friends loved Nemo to!

he was loved of all people of the city.
The mailman come every day and give Nemo the mail to him so he can take it to his owner.. and get a snack..

the city’s people loved the bullterriers and some haved one of them self!
So he had many friends to play with. The women on the other side of the road got a Labrador there good friends with Nemo to!
The house beside Nemo owners, there was a kennel with many animals.. Nemo comes from there the owners of Nemo moved to the town and buyed Nemo, before he was called Lavinsky they got a better name to him..!
capital 2.
-The friends

I think that Nemo better present his friend!
But it is going to be a long capital if they all is going to be here..
He got a best friend he plays with in the park when the owners walk with him..
The dog is called Mika, and they look like they are twins but there’s is one thing wrong.. the size and the spot is on the other ear then Nemos.
Nemo got another friend her name is: Fairy.
Shes a beautiful dog and loves to play with Nemo.

she is from the same place like Nemo so they now all ready hethother..

then theres Jeb.
He is a sheepdog and loves to work with Nemo.
And making a lot of noises..

then theres Brittany.. comes from island, she is just so sweet to children. And help her owner with the kindergarten where the owner works.. she plays with a little lonely by niko, there don’t wonna play with the others.

there is another one! Nacho!
A wonderful male dog..
he just loves his owner..

Diva dynamite just called Diva, is very serious if it counts with work,
She has a friend ofcouse Nemo and the other dogs, but she has a cat friend, Nusser, a black cat.

Nemo got a last friend, a little puppy called Sugar..
She is a little puppy on 10 month..

we nearly forgot spotty!
A girly dog with a sweet owner.
She walks o saloons to keep the dog clean and beautiful.
Kapital 3.
-how is he?
On the door to Nemo theres a sign there stands:
beware of Nemo, but it is only if the owners says “protect me” or “bark” then he protects of bark of an other person.
So his a very good dog.
One day the family is going to the park and Nemo goes with them without line on.. because he is not running away.
Capital 4.
I the park the owners meet Nacho without owner, then he jumps on Nemo and begins playing, they play fight for fun without someone gets hurt.
“oh.. how sweet is it just that he got so many friends? Says a old women with a little puddle.. the little puddle start running over to the other side of the road, “wait stop Fiffi!” screams the dog owner.
“Nemo stop the dog! Hurry!” says one of the owners..
Nemo runs as fast as the legs can!
He grabs the line with the puddle..
And goes back with it from the dangerous road is was going to pass.
“good dog, Nemo!” says the owner.

ved godt det er fjollet så vil gerne vide jeres mening:P

Kommentarer på:  til alle der kan engelsk..
  • #1   10. okt 2006 men den er ike færdig endnu..

  • #2   10. okt 2006 Jeg synes det er en smadderfin stil du har skrevet, du er dygtig til sprog - er du glad for engelsk?
    Jeg har tilladt mig at rette lidt små stavefejl og grammatikfejl, håber du kan bruge det til noget:

    Ohm ( du kan bruge "uhm" eller "oh", ikke "ohm")

    Gooses ( Goose bliver stærkt bøjet i flertal og hedder Geese, på engelsk)

    Freebees (Frisbees)

    The mailman come (The mail man comes)

    And some haved one of them self (And some had one themselves)

    And buyed (Buy er også stærkt bøjet og hedder "Bought" på engelsk)

    Better name to him (Better name for him)

    There don't wonna (That don't wanna (eller "want to").)

    without line on (without a line (on).)

    Puddel hedder "Poodle"
    Kapitel hedder "Chapter"

    Flot historie og rigtig gode beskrivelser af de forskellige hunde, du kan godt være stolt over historien.

    Mvh. Betina smiley

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til alle der kan engelsk..